Erec-Tech New Patented Technology & Design

The Erec-Tech™ B.O.S. and
The Erec-Tech™ M.O.S. Systems include:

  • Instructional DVD
  • User’s Manual with simple, step-by-step instructions and illustrations
  • Variety of Custom Fitting Ultimate Tension Systems
  • Stamen Easy Loader
  • Medical Grade Removable Cylinder for easy cleaning
  • Personal Sealing Gel
  • Discreet Carrying Case
  • Battery or Manual Vacuum Device
  • Custom Fitting Adapter Inserts
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Erec-Tech™ B.O.S.

The Erec-Tech™ B.O.S. is state of the art technology and is the best battery operated vacuum therapy system available in the world. With more than adequate negative pressure and the touch of a button, you get immediate results.

The Erec-Tech™ M.O.S.

The Erec-Tech™ M.O.S. is the best manually operated vacuum therapy system available in the market today. With a very durable design and incredible ease of use, the Erec-Tech™ M.O.S. will also provide you with immediate on-demand erections.

Ultimate Tension System

The Ultimate Tension Systems are superior to any other tension system available in the industry. The most important component of a vacuum therapy device is the tension system. Unlike others, the Ultimate Tension System is easy to load, provides comfort, is effortless to remove after intimacy and will provide a full and satisfying erection.

Stamen Easy Loader

The Stamen Easy Loader allows for correct positioning of the tension system on the penile cylinder. Effortlessly, the Stamen Easy Loader does the work for you. See the Easy Loader in action below:

Stamen Easy Loader

Erection On-Demand
98% Effective

Stamen Therapy ED and the Erec-Tech™ is the newest and most advanced vacuum therapy system available on the market today. Stamen Therapy ED and the Erec-Tech™ offer many therapeutic benefits. In some cases, it is used as a daily exercise to prevent non-use penile atrophy. Clinical studies performed by leading Urologists encourage the use of vacuum therapy to improve penile health and restore adequate blood flow to the penis. The Erec-Tech™ can be used to enhance other treatment options and significantly improve your penile health.

Easy to Use

The Erec-Tech System uses vacuum therapy to create an on-demand erection. Vacuum Therapy is a proven method that is simple to use and extremely reliable. After just one or two practice sessions, most first-time users feel entirely comfortable with the System.

Ensuring Your Success

The Erec-Tech™ System includes a Lifetime Warranty*, a 100% 30-day Buy-Back Option, 24-7 Technical Support and access to special promotions on other sexual healthcare products and more*. *with your completed warranty car.

Our Guarantee

The Erec-Tech™ System is the best, most cost-effective treatment for Erectile Dysfunction available today. It comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. If you order directly from Stamen Medical Systems, we also offer a 30-day Buy Back Option if you are not satisfied with the system. These guarantees are our assurance to you of the quality and efficiency of the Erec-Tech™ System.

The Erec-Tech